Solar Panels - How to Make Them Cheaply...

And cut your power bills by 95%...Yeah Sure..

I was extremely skeptical when I first heard about how you could cut your power bills by anywhere from 60% up to 95%. So when a friend of mine bought a do-it-yourself course, "How To Build Your Own Solar & Wind Power System" I thought yeah right!

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Well as it turns out you can save a lot of money by creating an easy to assemble homemade solar power kit, that will save you a lot of money off your current power bill. The system I built is currently saving me about $90 a month, which is just about 70% of our normal power bill.

easy to install solar panelsNow here's the good bit, the kit is a real "step by step" guide which is easy enough for the home handyman to do without much trouble.

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In fact it's even a snap for the mechanically challenged (like yours truly), so the idea of getting your first solar or wind generator setup and running, is not going to be a major issue. You can usually assemble one in about half a day on the weekend and it provides a great project for the kids as well.

It gets even better when you find out the whole thing is going to cost you under $200. I have researched similar systems available and some of them can cost over $4,000 so for the price you are going to be very happy when you consider how much money you will be saving on your power bills each and every month. Something to think about when considering a house relocation on the Northern Beaches where sunshine is a plentiful resource. The savings could be considerable and add up to a nice holiday once a year.

Now back to my neighbor, who actually spent a lot of time buying different DIY courses and I think it was 3 kits he bought at first and in total we purchased 7 DIY courses and we put them to the test to see what was best. Well there sure was a difference between some of the courses, with some not very helpful at all. The best two kits really stood out and you can see what we recommend below.

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do it yourself solar panel kits

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"Green DIY Energy is the easiest to follow guide and highly recommended for the convenience and simplicity. Some have reported that the other guides were difficult to understand, and this is an important issue when it involes the issue of electricity and your homes power supply. The guide is made of 3 separate sections that make the whole process easy to follow.

Surprisingly the total of the costs came to $187.42. (I made this money back within the first two months!) The whole process can easily be done over a weekend if you have all the require materials at hand, no problem at.

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Even for someone technically challenged to the point of find changing a light bulb difficult, this was a substantially straightforward process and easy to do.

do it yourself solar panel kits

solar panel kits click here

"Homemade Engergy is a good guide but the information is somewhat basic. It was much better than the other 5 guides but it was not as good as our top recommended guide, greendiyenergy.".

It was only 59 pages in total and missed some of the steps that make solar panelling easy, but still covers the basics.

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Note: As I mentioned, as of , my neighbor and I purchased 7 diy or homemade solar panel guides, mainly because the first 3 were useless! So in total we purchased 7 of them and decided to put this review together to save people like yourself from going through all the trouble we had. Really only two of them were helpful. What we recommend is truly the best you can find so don't waste your time with anything else.

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